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March 20th, 2019 by admin

Wallabies must take chances in attack against Argentina, says Will Genia

Need to convert opportunities into points: Will Genia passes against South Africa. Photo: Gallo ImagesLondon: Wallabies halfback Will Genia says Australia must take its chances in attack more than they did in Pretoria or risk being undone by a determined Argentina side at Twickenham on Saturday (Sunday AEDT).
Nanjing Night Net

Genia expressed the backline’s overwhelming sense of disappointment that so much quality ball could not be turned into points during the Wallabies’ 18-10 defeat to the Springboks last week.

The Wallabies have scored fewer points per game (17.2) than any other team in the Rugby Championship.

Apart from the two All Blacks games, they have had a reasonable share of field position, with critics saying they lack finishing polish.

Against Argentina in Perth, the Wallabies scored three tries in a frenetic opening 12 minutes and Genia says that needs to happen again if they are any chance of getting over the line in London.

“It sounds simple but [we] just [have to] look to take points when we’re inside their 22,” Genia said. “If you look back at that game in that first 10-15 minutes when we had that possession in their 22, we came away with points. If we can take our points when they’re on offer, we know that we can trust our defence to shut them out. The onus is on us as a backline to execute a little bit better. If we can do that we give ourselves every chance of winning and winning well.”

On a personal note, Genia has been one of the shining lights for the Wallabies in recent weeks.

His service has been crisp and decision-making when to attack the line has resulted in a number of handy line breaks that has put the Wallabies on the front foot.

However the overpowering message from Genia is that the Wallabies are simply not making the most of the ball they have had. Whether it be because a lack of skills, a dip in confidence in what has been a miserable year, or not having high-quality structures in place, he says it cannot continue.

“At certain times in games we haven’t been executing our skills well enough and that takes away from putting us into scoring positions or scoring plays,” Genia said. “If we can concentrate well on the process, and do that right throughout the 80 minutes consistently, I think the result will take care of itself more often than not. We’ll come out on the right side of the score.”

The nostalgia of Twickenham Stadium and the Lensbury Hotel in Teddington has hit those Wallabies who were apart of the World Cup campaign last year.

A string of five consecutive games there has the Wallabies feeling like Saturday will be just another home game but an evening time slot is a little different to what they were used to this time last year.

“Nice to come back and have those memories lingering,” Genia said. “The other thing is we are under no illusions it’s going to be tough and we aren’t relying on it being a comfortable venue for us or that there is any advantage in that.

“We’ll be working hard and getting stuck in. Maybe it means it will be a bit more dewy and the ball a bit slippery. It will be something a little different but the big atmosphere is something to always look forward to.”

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March 20th, 2019 by admin

Melbourne weather: winter one day, summer the next

A cyclist sleeps on a bed of daisies in the sun at Elwood. Photo: Leigh Henningham Flowers in bloom must be a sign of spring. Photo: Leigh Henningham
Nanjing Night Net

It’s a swan family outing at Albert Park Lake. Photo: Leigh Henningham

Cast aside those scarves, coats and umbrellas Melburnians.

The city has taken extreme pity on her long-suffering, vitamin-D-deficient residents and has decided to part the clouds, if only for a day.

The mercury is set to climb to 26 degrees today.

(Yes, we’re excited.)

It’s not often we extend gratitude to our northern cousins, but it’s warmer air from NSW that is responsible for the welcome change.

However, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Richard Carlyon says the transition will not be instant.

“It may take a little while for that temperature to really rise,” he warned.

“It will be a cool start, 12 degrees [was] the overnight low.”

Come lunchtime however, it will be time to take off the cardigan, expose those arms and bask in the sunshine.

“It won’t be until the middle of the day we will see the northerly wind and that will send the temperature into the 20s … and then peaking late in the afternoon,” Mr Carlyon said.

The warm conditions are set to last late into the night, with the temperatures in the 20s for most of the evening.

It may come as a shock to Melburnians who this week have become accustomed to dodging freak (but brief) hail storms, bursts of torrential rain and gale-force winds throughout the day.

So has spring finally sprung?

Not quite.

The wintry chill will return tomorrow.

“We are expecting a top of 24 degrees on Friday, but it will be cooler in the afternoon after a front has moved through, ” Mr Carlyon said.

“So the warm weather will be relatively short-lived.”

On Saturday, Melburnians can expect a low of 12 degrees and a top of 18.

“It bounces again on Sunday, back to 23 degrees,” Mr Carlyon said.

He said it will be downhill from there, with a top of 17 on Monday, while Tuesday and Wednesday will see temperatures around 16 degrees.

Back to winter next week

It will be a similar pattern in the rest of the state.

Mildura is set to hit a top of 29 degrees on Thursday.

“But everywhere from Monday to Wednesday will be 13 to 17 degrees,” Mr Carlyon said.

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March 20th, 2019 by admin

Community supports Manning family’s journey

MAMMOTH JOURNEY: Karen and Jamie Manning before starting their month-long trip from Tilpa to Dubbo. Photo: BELINDA SOOLEThe Nyngan community has rallied behind one man and his marathon journey across western NSW.
Nanjing Night Net

Jamie Manning, along with his wife Karen and three children, is riding horses from Tilpa to Dubbo to raise awareness and vital funds for the charity Limbs4Life, which provides information and support to amputees.

It’s a cause close to Mr Manning’s heart.

“What they do is they provide peer supportto amputees by other amputees and information like wound care,” he said.

“Ihad a car accident in 2014 where the car caught alight, I was trapped in the car and I was lucky to survive.

“Due to the bad infections they had to amputate to save my life. Ilost all the fingers on my left hand and I also lost my left leg.

“It’sbeen a long journey learning to ride and so fourth but Iworked with horses all my life so Imade it a goal to do so.”

Mr Manning started out from Tilpa on September 17 and had planned to spend 22 days on the road.

But inundated roads and persistent rain across western NSW has made some roads un-passable, adding about a week to the journey.

The family rides about 20 to 25 kilometres each day, and on Tuesday, October 4 they reached Nyngan.

Mr Manning said theresponse they’ve received from people along the way has been remarkable.

“We’ve been welcomed with open arms. Once you start to do something good all the good peoplecome out of thewoodwork and everyone wants to help us out,” he said.

“We stayed at the pony club at Cobar for quite a few nights and then Nyngan showground [and]the old school [in]Nevertire.

“It’shumbling…it’s a credit to themhow generous they are and friendly, always wanting to stop and have a yarn.”

For more information about Jamie Manning and his familyvisit梧桐夜网facebook南京夜网/unscarreddocumentary

To donate to the cause, visithttps://give.everydayhero南京夜网/au/dodge-s-ride-never-write-this-cowboy-off

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March 20th, 2019 by admin

At the mercy of the roll out

Kate MacMaster and Daniel Neuhaus from Trader and Co. Photo: Jessica Cole Yass Valley businesses are feeling the frustration of the ‘patchy’ and ‘uncertain’ National Broadband Networkroll out, as the FederalGovernment’s 18 month plan is nearly in its second year.
Nanjing Night Net

“For a company that works on connecting communication, they aren’t very good at communicating,”Kate MacMaster, co-owner of the newly established Trader and Co said.

“We are unsure whether they will be bringing the fixed line networkup the side streets or just running it down the main street. We have tried to find this out but have had no response.”

Trader and Co was designed asan inclusive social enterprise committed to giving back to the community, both locally and globally.

The concept was to create anecosystem where startups can establish connections,independent workers can build networks and grow without the overheads that come with traditional office space.

“We advertise for a place where people can come to work without the challenges of slow or patchy internet,” she continued.

“While the NBN will provide faster internet for all residents, connecting to the fixed linemakes it 10 times as fast.

“We just have no idea whether they have considered this, we have had no consultation and our business requires the high speed internet, as does many other businesses not on the main street.”

Trader and Co owners pay large amounts to provide wireless internet totheir customers, yet they are still faced with patchy and uncertain connection.

An NBN Co spokeswoman said about820 homes and businesses in parts of Binalong, Bowning and Yass can already connect through fixed wireless network.

“Work is also set to begin in the next month or so to connect another 410 premises in Mt Manton and Mt Bowning,” she said.

“Around 350 homes and businesses will be able to connect in January and the additional 60 mid-next year through our fixed wireless network.”

“In addition, construction is currently underway to connect around 2800 homes and businesses in Yass to our fixed line network. They should be able to begin connecting in November.”

A total of 985,468 premises in NSW, and more than 3.1 million premises around Australia, are now NBN ready.

“Whatever the technology, making the switch to fast and reliable broadband is not automatic,” she continued.

Those eligible to connect throughtheNBN Sky Mustersatellite service can do so now, NBN Co told residents to check their availability by visiting梧桐夜网nbnco南京夜网419论坛/switch.

A NBN Co spokeswomansuggested thatonce residents and businesses have checked their eligibility they should then contact their preferred phone or internet provider to discuss their needs and make the switch.

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February 20th, 2019 by admin

Home gutted by fire

A shocking house fire has completely gutted a Grenfell home this morning in what police describe as a lucky escape for the occupant.
Nanjing Night Net

The family home in Monger Street was ignited in the early hours of this morning at approximately 3.00am.

The female occupant was awoken by a smoke alarm and was forced to crawl herself to safety, thankfully there are no injuries as a result.

The female occupant was home alone while her husband was out of town when anelectric heater caught fire to a blanket in the rear of the propertysending the majority of the houseup in flames.

The family home in Monger St was completely gutted by fire.

Police will conduct their initial investigations but have stated that there areno suspicious circumstances and will file a report.

Grenfell Sargent, Michael Madgwick, said “It goes to show people the importance of smoke alarms and how they do save lives, it was a lucky escape for this occupant and had there not been a working smoke alarm installed we could have been faced with a tragic outcome”

The family home in Monger St was completely gutted by fire.

The family home in Monger St was completely gutted by fire.

The family home in Monger St was completely gutted by fire.

The family home in Monger St was completely gutted by fire.

The family home in Monger St was completely gutted by fire.

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February 20th, 2019 by admin

He’s taking the lead

SNAPSHOT: Sergeant Peter Foran, of Bathurst Highway Patrol, with Macalister Heath-Pearce, 9, from Crudine. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK 100516cparad1TALK about being given a different perspective.
Nanjing Night Net

Young Macalister Heath-Pearce, who features in today’s snapshot, enjoyed a ride in the lead police vehicle in Wednesday’s Supercars Driver and Transporter Parade.

It’s one thing to see the annual parade from William Street, but not too many people get to experience the parade from out on the road in one of the vehicles.

Parade assumes it was an experience Macalister won’t soon forget.

Springa surpriseBATHURST in spring can be a shock even for regular visitors.

Parade had his lunch in Kings Parade on Wednesday, where he got talking to a couple of race fanswho arecamping up on the Mount with their kids.

Through a couple of minutes of conversation, Parade established their background: they hail from the SunshineCoast, come to Bathurst each year and have done so for many years, and were recently at the Deniliquin Ute Muster (where they said the mud was calf-deep after all the rain in southern NSW).

What got Parade, though, was the fact the Bathurst weather can still spring a surprise.

“It’s been quite cold, hasn’t it?” the male half of the racing fan couple asked Parade, looking a bit unhappy about the fact.

Parade agreed that it had been a tad crisp in the mornings.

“It’s 28 degrees on the Sunshine Coast today,” the racing fanadded wistfully, staring off into the distance.

Well, you can’t have everything.

The Sunshine Coast has the sun, but Bathurst has the Mount, so that makes the two about even.

Coastal charmPARADE stayed on the Sunshine Coast while on a driving trip many years ago, getting a room for the night at a ramshackle motel with louvres for ventilation and ancient fans on the ceiling that did not much more than push the hot air around.

Parade remembers there was a boat in the backyard with three-foot weeds growing up around its hull. On the boat’s side were these words: HASTEN SLOWLY.

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February 20th, 2019 by admin

Festival revisits the past

The floral parade in 1970.Beginning life as the InverellFloral Festival 60 years ago, the Sapphire City Festival was established in 1956, after a public appeal for an annual event from themayor at the time.
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A competition was run to name the festival.

“It was actually named by Miss Gwen Campbell (nowMcGregor), who subsequently became our first queen, back in 1961,” festival committee publicity officer Peter Caddey said.

The well-loved event may have been inspired by the earlier Wool and Harvest Festival of North Western Slopes, which began in 1951, but was abandoned in 1955, likely due to severe flooding.

As the tradition continues, the committee is keen to remember the past, and have invited the festival’s string of monarchs to return for a civic reception on Saturday, October 22.

“We’re hoping to get as many ofthe previous queen winners as we possibly can,” Peter said.

“We’ve had a lot of responses from those queens, who’ve all said it’s been wonderful being able to reminisce.”Locals wishing to revisit their festival memories are invited to visit Tourism Inverell to see a collection of photographs and old programs.

Despite the cancellation of the mayoral ball and afternoon tea with the queens, this weekend will still be full of festival events.

Inverell Community Gardens will host farmers markets on Saturday morning, whilebowling and golf tournamentsrun through the day, along with Individual Ability Supports’ spring fashion parade. The Sapphire City River Run will take off on Sunday.

“There’s so many diverse activities for people to take part in. Most of them are free – there is some that you might need to pay an entrance fee for, but there’s really something for every member of the family,” Peter said.

Queen entrants will receivetheir sashes at the Communicator of the Year on October 14. The festivities will culminate with the parade and Saturday spectacular on October 22.

For more information, visit the tourism centre.

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February 20th, 2019 by admin

Wet weather is far from over

Major event: Major flooding of the Lachlan River forced Forbes residents to evacuate. A remarkable mid-year wet spell has caused widespread and prolonged flooding across inland NSW, which is far from over.
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NSW hasexperienced its wettest September on record, withthree times its long-term average rainfall for the month. Most of this rain fell west of the ranges. Close to average falls were observed along the eastern seaboard.

The sodden month helped produce riverine flooding through a number of inland river catchments from the North West Slopes and Plains down to the Riverina. One of the standout events was major flooding in the Lachlan River, which forced Forbes residents to leave their houses.

September will go down in the state’s history as a significantly wet month, although it can’t be solely blamed for the floodsthat continueto grip inland catchments.

NSW has now experienced above average rainfall for five consecutive months. This included the state’s wettest May in 16 years, third wettest June on record and the third wettest winter on record. As a result, catchments west of the Divide were already saturated before the wettest September on record had even started.

The string of wet months was caused primarily by above average sea surface temperatures surrounding northern and eastern Australia and the strongest negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) in recorded history. Warm water at the surface of the ocean causes more moisture to enter the atmosphere through evaporation, providing extra fuel for rain-bearing systems crossing the country.

The rest of this week will be generally dry before rain returns next week with the passage of a front.

As we move further into the second month of spring, we are still being influenced by the negative IOD and warmer-than-usual waters to Australia’s north and east.As a result, rainfall is expected to remain above average across inland NSW during October.

Climate models suggest more typical conditions are favoured in November as the IOD gradually weakens into late spring.

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February 20th, 2019 by admin

Youth given opportunities

What do young people living in south west Sydney need the most?
Nanjing Night Net

A belief in themselves,a supportive group of family and friends,quality education to pursue the right career,and ultimately, a positive mindset.

After this, the possibilities are endless.

This is what staff atThe Junction Works believesand it is what theyare working towards with the young people in Claymore and other communities within the Campbelltown area.

The Junction Works has been motivating young people in south-west Sydney for 30 years throughactivities, leadership programs and one-on-one support.

The Junction Works CEO, Chris Campbell, said that untilnow, most of theyouth activities have taken place in Liverpool.

“However earlier this year, we partnered with Family and Community Services (FACS) to increase our activity within the Campbelltown area,” he said.

“We have young, passionate and professional staff who are driven to share their ideas, support young people in distressand help themto develop the know-how and resourcesto achieve their hopes and aspirations.”

Teenagers between 13 to 17 cansee thecreative youth team at Claymore Community Centre. TheYouth Clicks group runs after school every Thursday, providing opportunities for young people to unwind, catch up with friends, meet new people, get involved inactivities or seekassistance.

Details: Visit梧桐夜网thejunctionworks.org or phone 8777 0500.

Visit TJW Youth Clicks on Facebook to find out more about the opportunities they offer to young people.

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January 20th, 2019 by admin

Perfecting your Performance

Champion Bush Poet Robyn Sykes will be teaching how to perform poetry with style and presence
Nanjing Night Net

Champion Bush Poet Robyn Sykes asks: “Have you ever heard a poet read insuch a monotone that their poems missed their mark?

“Will your own listeners appreciate and remember your poems long after thereading has concluded? Want your words to have the impact they deserve?”

In her Perfecting your Performance workshops, Robyn Sykes will show howyou can adapt performance techniques to attract and hold the audience’sattention.

Active exercises will help turn the theory into practice and lift thestandard of your readings or performances.

These half-day workshops – in Yass and Binalong – are for poets plucking upcourage to begin their public presentations, as well as those who have beenreading or performing for a while but would like to improve their skills andconnection with the audience.

Attendees are asked to bring along one ormore poems, which will be used to apply the skills discussed.

Topics covered include Intuitive Introductions, Emphasizing Emphasis,Inflection Indicators, Periodic Pace, Varying Volume, Definite Diction,Graduated Gestures and Calibrated Conclusions.

“Participants will gain confidence and skills, allowing them to build bridgeswith their audience during their public presentations,” Robyn Sykes said

Perfecting your Performance will be held on Sunday October 16 at YassCommunity Centre, 9am – 11.30am, and Binalong at the Black Swan Gallery,Burley Griffin Way (Stephen Street), 1.30pm – 4pm.

Bookings are essential. Cost: $10 or $5 pensioner concession.

The Perfecting your Performance workshops are part of Poetry•Prose•Placecoordinated by Lizz Murphy and presented by the Binalong Arts Group Inc(BAG).


Poetry in Place will culminate in a public poetry performance at TootsieFineArt andDesign, 289 Comur Street, Yass on October 30, 12.30 pm for 1 pm until3 pm and in a feature at Binalong’s next Brush with Poetry in November.

Participants in the Autumn and Spring Poetry in Place workshops will beinvited to perform. It will be a shared mike event with everyone welcome.

Thank you

BAG thanks Southern Tablelands Arts (STARTS) for its support.Poetry•Prose•Place is supported by Arts NSW’s Country Arts SupportProgram, a devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSWand local Regional Arts Boards on behalf of the NSW Government.

Please feel free to contact Robyn Sykes for more information [email protected]南京夜网 or 6227 4377

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