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October 20th, 2018 by admin

Sharks start planning for 2017’s campaign

Coach Shane Glass and some members of the Biripi Sharks senior team at this year’s State knockout played in Sydney. The side made the quarter-finals.FRESH from their most successful campaign at the NSW Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout, Biripi Sharks are already looking at the 2017 assault.
Nanjing Night Net

The Sharks won the under 12s, were semi-finals in the 17s and quarter finalists in the seniors where they were eliminated by eventual champions, Redfern All Blacks (RAB). Sharks under 12’s victory was Biripi’s first success at the knockout. Coached by Doug Ferguson with Troy Cochrane the assistant, South defeated Kempsey 34-18 in the final.

Next year divisions will be 15s, 17s, women’s and seniors.

“We’ll be working towards fielding teams in each competition,’’ Biripi first grade manager Ralph Saunders said.

He added this year’s senior team dedicated their effort to the memory of former player Dennis Bungie, who passed away earlier this year.

“Big Den was one of the best knockout forwards to lace a boot,’’ Ralph said.

“Our coach Shane Glasssaid he wanted to do something tohonour Den. Wespoke to his family as asked if they wouldconsent to us putting his picture on the jumperforknockout.

“We went a step further by switchingback to the original South Taree colours of red green and black.’’

He said Big Den would have been proud of their efforts of all three teams at the knockout..

Biripi originally played as South Taree in the knockout. In 1981 the team under captain-coach Dave Russell made the final, where they were beaten by Redfern All Blacks.

Souths had to play the match almost immediately after the semi-final, while Redfern were well rested. This was South Taree’s best performance in the knockout.

There were similarities in Biripi’s campaign this year. The Sharks had to take on RAB in the quarter finaljust 35 minutes after playing their previous match. Redfern had nearly two hours break and came away comfortable winners over Biripi.

Ralph Saunders said while the Sharks can match it with the better teams in the knockout, there is still a gap to Redfern All Blacks.

“They play together week-in-week-out in a competition and that makes them even stronger,’’ he pointed out.

RAB went on to win the final played on Monday afternoon in convincing fashion. This was RAB’s second successive win in the knockout.

Redfern will host the event again next year.

Sharks won three matches to qualify for the quarter final –their best performance under the Biripi banner. Matches were played at two venues –Redfern Oval and Leichhardt Oval.

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October 20th, 2018 by admin

Close call caught on cameraVideo

Dash cam footage has captured themoment a ute almost plungedhead-on with a motorcyclist near Armidale on Wednesday afternoon.
Nanjing Night Net

VIDEO | Dash cam footage captures close call Dangerous driving: Dash cam footage has captured the moment an alleged Rural Fire Service ute nearly drives head-on into a motorcyclist near Armidale on Wednesday.

The incident reportedly occurred near the Cathedral Rock National Park off the Wollomombi River bridge.

Truck driverAdrian Shortt uploaded the footage from his dash camera to Facebook, commenting on Facebookthatthe ute appeared to belong tothe Rural Fire Service.

“It was a Rural Fire Service vehicle,” Mr Shortt said.

“I was doing 102km/h, with an overtaking lane 400 metres ahead coming off the Wollomombi River bridge.

“The footage doesn’t show it but I was heavy under brakes as I weighed 48.5 tonnes.

“Managed to drop enough speed to get him around me but itdid rattle me a bit.”

Fairfax Media spoke to Rural Fire Service SuperintendentSteve Mepham on Thursday.

Mr Mephamsaid he was unable to comment on the incident.

“I’m not going to comment,” Mr Mepham said.

“We’ve got an internal process happening.”

Mr Shortt said the alleged Rural Fire Service vehicle was being followed by a second car, who apologised to the truck driver.

“Another Rural Fire Service vehicle following called me up on the UHF [speaker] and apologised for this blokes actions,” MrShortt said.

Apologies aside, Mr Shortt said it was definitely a closecall for everyone involved.

“If I hadn’t braked the guy would have collected him for sure,” Mr Shortt said.

The incident has been sparking anger online with residents commenting on the footageafter it was uploaded tosocial media.

Armidale resident Lisa Heskett said the incident was an unacceptableexample of dangerous driving.

“It may or may not have have been [an] emergency but this vehicle has no lights or sirens for the possible emergency,” Ms Heskett said.

“…No need for the complacency in this driver’s actions.”

“No wonder there are so many fatalities on our roads,” she said.

Armidale resident and motorbike enthusiastSimon Friedman said the driver should have known better.

“Shouldknow better,” Mr Friedman said.

“…Overtaking on an unbroken line as well.”

“Only a kilometre further up the road there is an overtaking lanenear the entrance to Wollomombi falls,” Mr Friedman said.

Kelly Bell also took to social media to express her concerns overthe footage.

Ms Bell saidthe driver should “lose more than just his job.”

“That’s terrifying…it’s so lucky the dude on the bike didn’t swerve right off the road,” she said.

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October 20th, 2018 by admin

LETTER: An open letter to developers

THIS is an open letter to local councils and all property developers.
Nanjing Night Net

We seem to have a competition between developers to see who can put the most units on a block of land. They buy up a block with an old house on it, remove the house, and then see how many units they can fit on. Most of the units are two storeys, two bedrooms (upstairs), a bathroom and a garage.

So, who are their targeted buyers?

Is it oldies who want to downsize?Well, I hate to tell you this, but most of us oldies don’t want a two-storey house.

Most have had a three- orfour-bedroom house with a reasonable backyard where they raised their family. Now, with all our crook knees, hips, backs, eyesight, arthritis and breathing problems, we no longer want to be mowing lawns or climbing stairs, so we want to downsize.

We want single-storeys, and level blocks, three bedrooms because most of us still have grandchildren that like to visit, and a double garage, so beside their car they have a place to store their tools, suitcases, and so on, because wenow no longer have a shed up the back.

These developers can’t betargetingyoung families.There are not enough bedrooms.

Are they targeting young couples with no children? How many couples in our area would have only one car?

Most have a car each to drive to work. So a single-car unit? I don’t think so.

So who are you building these units to suit?

Personally, I would love a duplex or two villas together, as now that I am in that older bracket with health problems, my daughter would like to be near me so she can keep an eye on me.

Why not go into an over 55s community, you might ask? Well, I definitely qualify but my daughter doesn’t and she still has two daughters living at home.

So, please developers, ask your parents and grandparents what they would like to downsize to in their old age and, remember, we still want to enjoy our old age and not feel that we are compelled to be cramped up in some tiny unit where we can no longer have friends or family visit.

Actually, if there are any developers out there who are considering these suggestions and are building around the Toronto area, please contact me so I can put my name down for a duplex or perhaps two villas together.

– Robyn Lambert, Wangi Wangi

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

October 20th, 2018 by admin

Young gun Campbell has twin racing duties

YOUNG GUN: Matt Campbell will race in the Carrera Cup and Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama this weekend. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOKAT 21 years old Matt Campbell will be one of the youngest drivers in action at Mount Panorama this weekend, but what he might lack in experience he certainly makes up in talent.
Nanjing Night Net

Campbell will make his Bathurst 1000 debut as co-driver for Nissan’s Todd Kelly, while he will also be contesting the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia round.

He leads the Carrera Cup Series after six rounds, having amassed 856.5 points, while Alex Davison is second on 819.

Campbell has won four of the last five races contested in the all-Porsche series and if he can top Friday morning’s qualifying session, will make it six poles in succession. It would equal the series record of motor sport great Jim Richards.

On his way to placing third in the series last year, Campbell won the Bathurst round on the back of a win and a second placing. He clocked the race lap record (2:07.4299) and qualifying lap record as well (2:06.2099).

Yet Campbell does not want to look too far ahead.

“It’s been a little bit of a funny season to be honest, we’ve been a little bit up and down, but we’ve been very, very fast and had some fantastic races and hopefully we can carry that into this weekend,” he said.

“We won the round here last year and a couple of races, so I am really looking forward to the races again and hopefully we can have some great pace here.

“A the moment it is a round by round thing, you can’t think about it too much because there are so many races to come. You have just got to go into each round and try your best.”

For Campbell, who was fastest in Thursday’s opening practice session with a 2:09.3801, racing at Mount Panorama continues a family tradition.

His grandfather Bill and Aunty ‘TC’ have previously put their skills to the test at the Bathurst circuit.

“I have been coming here for a long time and watching the event, so to be taking part in it for the first time this year is something very surreal and obviously a huge challenge for myself. I am really looking forward to the opportunity and the experience,” he said.

“My family used to race in the smaller categories here, the support races. My Aunty has raced here in a 1000 support race in Group N, she has raced here in Formula Vee, my grandfather has raced here in Formula Vee and also Touring Cars.

“So they’ve raced a fair few different cars here and I’ve raced here in similar cars so, I really enjoy driving around this place.”

Balancing Carrera Cup and Supercars duties will keep Campbell busy at Bathurst, but it is also a prospect he relishes.

He is hoping that he can gain confidence from his Carrera Cup drives and helpKellyimprove on their seventh placing in last month’s Sandown 500.

“It takes a lot of concentration to drive around here, you are a lot closer to the wall, so that extra mileage transferring across tothe Supercar, having the confidence going across from the Carrera Cup car to the Supercar, I think that will be a big bonus,” he said.

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October 20th, 2018 by admin

Meet the new mayor

Top job: Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic in the mayoral robes and chains outside Campbelltown Council. Picture: Chris LaneCampbelltown’s new mayor has big plans for our city.
Nanjing Night Net

Cr George Brticevic wants Campbelltown to reach its potential, to be a place its residents have no reason to leave.

The 43-year-old has spent his whole life in the area, growing up in Macquarie Fields with his parents and two brothers before marrying wife Monique at 23 and moving to Eschol Park to have his children, Claudia (16) and Andrew (14).

“Campbelltown is immensely important to me, it’s my world,” he told the Advertiser.

“I’m part of the community and I think it’s a fantastic community –it hasso much potential.”

Cr Brticevic has two pet projects he wants to get off the ground as soon as possible.

The first is transforming the “dilapidated” tennis courts at Rosemeadow into a thriving youth multi-purpose sporting complex, the like of which can be found in Macquarie Fields.

The second is introducing free wi-fi to those complexes and possibly the Campbelltown and Ingleburn CBDs.

“Parents say they don’t want theirkids to be on the phone and online all the time, they want them to be outside,” the mayor said.

“Well, as a father of a teenage girl and a teenage boy, I knowthe reality is they do not live without that phone, they do not go to bed until it is pried out of their hands.

“They live in a social world and if we can get them out socially, person to person, out in those basketball facilities or skate parks, they’re not chewing up their own data.

“If they hang out for three or four hours in a safe place, doing physical activity and socialising, using wi-fi the council and the rate-payers are supplying, I think it’s a win-win and I think parents will see the benefit in the hip pocket.”

Cr Brticevic, unlike his recent predecessors, will have plenty of time to see his plans come to fruition.

Changes to local government legislation will allow him to serve back-to-back two-year terms in the top job.

He has the support of his six fellow Labor councillors and independent Paul Lake to carry out four years of mayorship.

“I’d like to think if I can perform and do a good job then all the other councillors will elect me unopposed as they did on this occasion,” Cr Brticevic said.

“You speak to past mayors including Cr Lake and they say they only get going at the 12-month mark, they’re in full swing, fourth or fifth gear, and then they’ve got to hand the chains over, literally.

“To have two years, that’s fantastic, but to have four years, potentially, will give that stability and continuity to the general manager, to the council and to the community as well.

“I’ll be listening to the people and working for the people –I am very excited to be given this opportunity, it is such a privilege and an honour to be the mayor of this great city.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.